CH pedals lose nose wheel steering between depart and arrive

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FSX on Windows 8.1, CH Pro Pedals, Beech Baron 58.
Taxi to take off is great - pedals control braking, rudder and nose wheel steering just fine (at any reasonable taxi speed). However sometimes after landing (I mean a good landing) the braking and rudder work fine but (at any reasonable taxi speed) the pedals no longer control nose wheel steering. Have to use left/right engines and/or differential brakes to turn off the runway.

I've tried various ways to fix this but the only one I've found that works is File/Save flight (whilst still on the runway) followed by File/Load flight. Pedal control of nose wheel is restored. (Note I do not exit FSX just save and load the flight). Am I causing some key stroke during flight that disconnects the wheel steering from the pedals/rudder? I seem to remember reading about that once but can't recall the details. Any other suggestions? Thanks in advance...

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Many thanks for reply and info.

Actually I picked up on that post before in my researches but I've just been through it again to x-check. No luck I'm afraid.

One thing did come out of it though - even the keyboard controls (num-pad 0 and Enter) do not turn the nose wheel after arrival. Like the pedals they work just fine taxiing on departure but not taxiing on arrival. As before Save flight and Load flight restores all functionality... both pedals and keyboard. I've now run a test with Realism off just in case it was some sort of aircraft damage effect but no change. Hey ho.

Thanks again. KR Richard

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