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Gameport CH Yoke & Thrustmaster Rudder Pedals Problem

Scarfone Guest

I need some serious help. I have tried everything I can think of and searched the web to no evail.

Heres the low down:

FS2004, WinXP, Dell Dimension 8100 1.3 P4, CH Flight Yoke Gameport Virtual Pilot (gray one), Thrustmaster Rudder Pedals Gameport. No game port on my computer. Purchased a Gameport to USB adapter. I am able to use the flight yoke but the rudder pedals will not work at all. They won't even test during the windows calibration util. I attempted to make a new controller profile but the small check box that says "enable rudder/pedals" would not work. I received a message stating gameport or game port drivers not configured correctly. I then used the add hardware function and added a gameport to the system. When I attempted to make a new controller profile once again I was able to check the "enable rudder" box. However, the pedals still did not respond. I purchased both the yoke and pedals off ebay so I received no documentation or driver disks. I just can't figure this out. The only thing I haven't done, and don't think it will work, is update the bios. Any help, PLEASE!!!

simgammer Guest

I suggest you turn off the intergrated sound card and install a separate sound card complete with a gameport. Then go to CHproducts website and download (Free) file called chang8.
Happy flying

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amermel First Officer

I have a ch products yoke usb. And i had to tke it to a computer store to get it installed. Just go to the nearest store and have then add it on.

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