Autopilot and GPS are off at startup

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It's probably something stupid, I'm prepared. However, I fly both the 737 and 747 and start cold and dark. I've had it happen on both aircraft where the GPS and autopilot show nothing at all, just a black screen for the GPS and nothing on the autopilot controls. In other words, it's not registering my flight plan. The master is on as are the avionics and I can't figure out what's going on. Help is appreciated!

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find your generator test switch and flip on or play with the eletric power switches

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Playing with the swtiches.... sounds so scientific Wink

When you start at parking, a lot of times the plane is off, but if you start on the active or a gate, its usually on.

The reason you are seeing black screens is because even though the avionics may be switched to "on" it doesnt mean that the generator is, which is what gives it power.... the generator is also a small turbine type engine that runs the electrical equipment...

When this happens, just push CTRL+E and the engines should auto fire up. Then you can switch the avionics switch and APU to desired positions.

There are tutorials in FSX that will answer these questions for you without having to wait for answers here, learn to use the help or tutorials in FSX..

You can do a search in the help for "cold start"

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generator test switch dude beside playing with switches fixes everything.. 😉

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I preffer to lift my foot and kick the panel on my Bonanza when it wants to be finiky 🙂

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Jake (JarJarBinks) Chief Captain

my grandmother always said if it doesnt want to work just give it a good bash!

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