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Hi there Im VERY new to Flight Simulator (2004) and my biggest problem is getting lost flying between waypoints and airports. I've now got a pretty good idea of the GPS system so it shows me my flight path.

The problem is that Im still really flying manually following this GPS path. Is there any way that the Autopilot can just take me on this path without me having to make adjustments to my heading? Can it automatically follow a GPS flight plan? If so, how!!??

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Well yes there is a way. here is what you do.
1. you file the flight plan and make sure the route shows up on your GPS.
2. Now you put in your altitude and speed, etc. in your autopilot.
3. then there is a switch on mostly any panel that can have you switch between NAV mode and GPS mode. you switch over to GPS mode
4 on the autopilot you turn on the NAV hold and it flies the flight plan.

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Put your GPS/NAV switch on GPS (it is NAV by default). After its on GPS, turn on your AutoPilot and push your NAV1 button.

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If you are in flight and you want to set/reset the gps to a new destination airport then all ya have to do is:

press the D button with the arrow thru it on the right side of the GPS unit (thats the waypoint button)
you will get a screen that wants you to enter a new waypoint alphanumeric code for your destination usually a 4 or 5 letter code example: KLAX is LA international. you can find these airport identifiers in map mode, from charts or from the gps itself (theres a trick to that).

Enter the waypoint identifier with your keyboard or you can use the knobs of the inner and outer dials on the GPS unit to get the code one letter/number at a time, play with it for a bit and you will soon see how to enter the code you want.

Then push enter [ENT] 3 times ( i think its 3 times might be 4 or 5, i just hit [ENT] til i get the screen i want) and it will take you back to the map screen on the gps with the new vector to that destination. make sure you are in the screen mode where your little airplane is in the lower center always pointing up. that screen gives you the important data.

Set your [NAV/GPS] switch to GPS and turn on autopilot, set your alt and speed and hit the [NAV] following button on the autopilot and away you go to your new destination. your autopilot will track the line and center you on it.

There's more to the GPS than that but thats the basic setup riding the GPS beam to a destination.

I'm still trying to figure out the other functions of the damn thing myself. At first the GPS might as well have been a Kurdish to Chinese translator for all the good it did me, now i'm starting to see what an important tool it really is.. best of luck 🙂 go get'em tiger

I learned this at

Its a pretty great site. check it out.

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