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Hello pilots! Today I installed FS Real Time, but I didn't like it and I decided to uninstall it. There's some problems...
1) I can't uninstall it because of some reason.
2) When I start FS2004 a message shows up with something like this:
"Error in SCENARY.CFG file. The directory of remote scenary C:/Temp/TzFiles04/SCENARY is not found in scenarie area 029"

It's something like that.
This, C:/Temp/TzFiles04/SCENARY, was a folder included in FS Real Time, which I deleted it because it was giving me problems.

I can run FS2004 but that message is showing up everytime and I'm getting tired of it.

Any help? Specially uninstalling FS Real Time?

Thank you

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

A cool update... I uninstalled FS Real Time, and that bloody message doesn't show up anymore.

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