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Has anybody tried VoxATC, any reviews?

Thanks 😀

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i briefly tried the demo, the voice was very quiet and it was computer generated so it was no use to me, when I get more time I might have another look but not impressed so far

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I have used VoxAtc and am very happy with it. Its about the best we have for now. Yo have to buy the ATT natural voices and it gets pretty real. It works well, no crashes and so far no mistakes. its a good program. You have to read back exactly what is told to you. You can have the text for readback on the screen untill you memorize it. It beats the heck out of Microsofts not as real as it gets ATC. I use it with FS9. The FSX version, which I will soon purchase, is supposed to be even better.

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have you compared it with Radar Contact?

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