Need advice. Life as a Ryanair cabin crew.

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Hi all,

I am stuck in a pretty big problem. I am very into airline industry and all aviation related jobs. I recently applied for position of cabin crew with easyJet and Ryanair. The second company replied to me, and I applied for interview. They liked me very much and offered me place in the training course the 3rd of Sept.07.

I was entirely happy until I calculated all the costs. As you might know, or not, we cover ALL possible costs for the trainig. We need to pay £250 for deposit, plus £1000 for the training (that we can pay off in 10x£100 monthly rates deducted from our future salary). So all together I need to pay £1250 straight away. I need to appear at this course in London Stansted. I live in Liverpool, so I'd have to rent some room or hotel for appr.5weeks time. The course lasts 5 weeks. It would be another £1000 for accomodation. We wouldn't get paid until our 1st day after the sucessful exam pass. So my budget would be really stretched out, as I can allow myself expences up to £3000-£3200. I therefore need your help and advice.

Tell me what would you do if you were me. You go for risk, and have the job that you always wanted to, or go for something more 'sure' and financialy stable. I heard that Ryanair is unfamously called flying McDonald's (I worked there too, for almost 2 years Wink ). It is a very hard working job with little benefit (they promise £1000 netto -ID allowance, -uniform allowance and -£100 each month for the training).
I did make the decision I will take the course, but only for now, I can always back off, it is only July. I can't decide, should I proceed with the carrier or not. Many people say it is disgraceful how Ryanair treat their new employers and how YOU have to pay THEM for your training course. Despite the fact that this 5 weeks period I would leave my girlfriend at home in liverpool, maybe only visiting Friday-monday time off. We would miss eachother very much, and I wouldn't really like to do it to her, as she hasn't many friends over here and I know, she'd suffer such a long gap on her own in the house.
Can anyone suggest what would YOU do if you were me?


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I'd leave it mate

From what i've heard, working for Ryanair is dismal and it won't be nice being away from your girlfriend.

What about applying to some of the other budget airlines - what is their policy on training?

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I already applied twice with easyJet. Once in 2005, they had position for me, but abroad(SXF,MIL) and not in Liverpool. They've promised to hold my application for 6 months and when any vacancies opens at LPL they will call me back. They didn't so I had to apply again. I did so about 3 months ago, and never heard from them since. In the website it says they are reviewing all the application now for summer 2007, so I still have some hope to hear from them any time.

The problem with other airlines is that most of them, are either Manchester or London operated, and they have no base near LPL. I would like to stay in the city, as I like people over here and live in wonderful area (Woolton).

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I'd wait then rather than spending a lot of money with Ryanair. If nothing else comes up, then you could always go back to them

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i sujest u do this first. i done the one for holiday rep and got 5 offers

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And so I did. I refused the position. Thanks guys. It is for the better.

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I think you made a good decision. I don't know the situation in Europe but in the US, flight attendants(FA) are generally not happy with the job. They are required to pay money for training and uniforms. The pay is not what it should be and you may be on reserve(on call) for years. They are lured in by the fact that you can fly for free and the glamor of working for an airline. The truth is that much of the time you can't fly for free because the flights are full. They fly space available and are last priority. Even if you do get to your destination, there's no guarantee that you'll get back home in time to go to work. As a FA, you will be away from home for 4-6 days at a time. Sounds OK but gets old fast. 4 days at work, two days home and 4 more days at work is hard on the social life. There are times when you could have 4 or five days off but in general, you would spend about 12 nights a month in hotels.

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😳 😳 😳 You pay them for the training! Well i've had my eyes opened now, i've never heard of any other career where you pay them for your training. When i started my 14 week residential training course for my job, i was paid from day one, provided with accommodation and all meals!
I think you made the right decision!

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