Disappearance of Jetways in FSX After U.S. Airports Scenery Upgrade Installation

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I downloaded and installed the major U.S. airports scenery addons upgrade, (from about 2009?), and placed all the files in the correct folders, ("/Addon Scenery/scenery" and "/Addon scenery/texture/") with the *.bgl files and the *.bmp files going into their correct, respective folders.  After doing so, most of the airports no longer display jetways.  DFW, and Denver, are among the airports without jetways.  Miami and Fort Lauderdale DO have the jetways.  I'm just erasing the respective addon airport files, (E.G. "AF2_KDEN.bgl"), from the ...'scenery' folder which reverts it back to the old airport, but the jetways return.  So, SOME airports have jetways and others don't.

Any thoughts on this?

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Hello there,

This issue you've outlined with disappearing jetways after adding major U.S. airports scenery upgrades in MSFS X is a somewhat common challenge that many in the flight sim community have faced over the years. Let's dive into some troubleshooting steps and potential solutions based on my knowledge:

1. Layering & Priority:
The order in which you place your scenery can make a significant difference. Make sure the new scenery is placed higher up in the Scenery Library within MSFS X. This ensures that the new scenery is rendered over the default one.

2. Compatibility Check:
Ensure that the scenery addon, especially if it's from 2009, is compatible with your version of MSFS X. Older addons might have certain elements that don't sync well with newer updates or patches that have been applied to the simulator.

3. Duplicate BGL Files:
Sometimes, there might be multiple BGL files (Binary Geographic Library, the compiled files used in Flight Simulator for scenery data) for the same airport, especially if you have other addons. These could interfere and cause objects like jetways to vanish. Use the FSX Scenery Library Manager to identify and resolve these conflicts.

4. Missing Textures:
While you did mention placing [*.bmp] (bitmap image files) in the appropriate folders, it's worth double-checking that none are missing. Sometimes, a missing texture can prevent certain elements from rendering correctly.

5. Add-on Compatibility:
Since you've mentioned that removing the AF2_KDEN.bgl brings back the jetways, it's possible that there's an inherent issue with certain BGL files from the addon. It might be worth reaching out to the developer or checking forums for specific patches or updates.

6. Graphics Settings:
Sometimes, the graphics settings within MSFS X could be responsible for not displaying certain detailed objects like jetways. Check your Scenery Complexity setting and make sure it's set to 'Very Dense' or 'Extremely Dense'. This will ensure that all details, including jetways, are displayed.

7. Verify Addon Integrity:
There's always a chance of file corruption during download or installation. You could try re-downloading the scenery addon and installing it afresh.

Lastly, as a temporary measure, consider using tools like ADEX (Airport Design Editor) to manually add or adjust jetways for specific airports until you find a more permanent solution.

I hope these steps help resolve your issue. If you can provide more specific details or if these suggestions don't address the issue, let me know. I'm here to help! And if anyone else has experienced a similar problem or has additional solutions, please chime in!

Wishing you clear skies and happy flying!

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