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wow..just wow ( speechless )

Pro Member Trainee
Grim Trainee

look at all the addons for fs2004 now?

i used to play fs2004 a while back, but then i just stopped

all of those addons, i downloaded!! this is like a new game, im gonna install these tommorow, but they look damn good!

i thought fs2004 would have died out by now, with fsx coming in and all, but WOW looks like it did the opposite

guess a LOT of people really support fs2004

!!!i can't wait to install these addons! im curious if my pc would even handle fs2004 with those new addons!

Pro Member Captain
acepilot32 Captain

uuuummmmmm ok....... anyways welcome to the forums

Pro Member Chief Captain
bawls327 Chief Captain

k? welcome to the forums.

Pro Member Trainee
compilots Trainee

Hi Grim,
I am glad your enthusiasm for FS2004 and aviation in general has rekindled.

I for one think it is great! Enjoy!

Pro Member Chief Captain
belgeode Chief Captain

greatest thing since sliced bread and canned beer eh? FS2004 rox.

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Pro Member Chief Captain
VegasFlyer Chief Captain

Welcome to the forums Grim! Very Happy

FS2004 is everything but dead! Wink

Pro Member Chief Captain
Welshflyer Chief Captain

Welcome Grim Very Happy , and i could'nt agree more with belgeode and VegasFlyer, there's a lot more left in FS9 YET!

Pro Member Trainee
Grim Trainee

VegasFlyer wrote:

Welcome to the forums Grim! Very Happy

FS2004 is everything but dead! Wink

heh, yea ^^ thats good to hear ,i seriously thought fsx would blow fs2004 out of the water, but many ppl went back to 2004, cause fsx is very high demanding in graphic si guess

oh and im not new to these forums, i use to post here wheni last played fs2004 about a year ago, then give or take a few months

but thanks anyway

Pro Member Trainee
AO001 Trainee

I bought my copy of FS9 for $14 and have over $200 invested in it (add-ons, etc) and have only opened FSX three times since November 06...

I think FS9 is more "VA pilot friendly" and I don't believe FSX will match FS9's freeware add-on library. MS changed quite a bit it seems to quell some of the freeware add-ons (notice that payware companies were invited to work with MS to develop add-ons).

Anyway, FS9 ROCKS!!

Pro Member Chief Captain
JarJarBinks Chief Captain

well many cant support FSX and you can achieve good FPS and graphics with FS9 i own FSX but fly FS9 more

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Pro Member Chief Captain
bawls327 Chief Captain

yea fsx is good but you need a good system to run it. I love fs9 and will be sticking with it for a long time.

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