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Given the limited drive space on my dual-core laptop, I am considering re-installing FSX (and adding FS Global 200😎 on an external, USB drive. Do any 'techies' know whether it will run in this configuration - or will the USB interface impact performance? (I don't know enough about how FSX runs to be able to answer.)

Many thanks.

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Is it a powerful pc because if it is not you might not want fs2008 global because it takes a powerful pc to run that scenery.

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Thanks - that'll be worth checking.

For the record, the laptop is an Intel dual-core, 2GHz / 1GB RAM - anyone know whether this will support FS2008 Global?

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I'm running FSX with FS Global 2008 and a bunch of other add-ons on an external USB 2.0 450Gb drive on my laptop with a 2Ghz Centrino processor, 1Gb RAM and an nVidia GTX 7800 256Mb video card using a 17" widescreen display (1440x900).

FSX with SP1 is running like a charm with most sliders near maxed out. I'm more than happy with it in this configuration.

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