can I set up my laptop to play fs2004

nottobe Guest

is there anything like usb2 external video card out there?
so i just need to plug it to an external monitor to play?
and how a laptop can handle the game?

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Most external video cards were built for TV capture not for game play, as far as I can find.

Can it work on your laptop, not always the best, list the system specs and we will tell you how it will do.


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Micah Captain

If you have a decent gaming laptop, it will definately work! I only use a laptop because at the moment i have to travel a lot, and i get a very respectable 30 frames. I run a pentium 4, 3.2gig, 1gig ram, and a radeon 9600pro128mb card.
You can do it but you need the power.

Micah 😛

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hora22 Trainee

weell i play mfs 2004 in my laptop so i think u can play it 2!!!well good luck

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coolsan First Officer

As they said, depends on what your specs are.
I have a 2.6g Celeron with 526 ram, 64 video and I do pretty well. I tend to have a hard time in places like NYC, where detail level is higher.

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