Taxing to wrong gate-wrong atc parking codes

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Arrived from London Gatwick, when I turned off the runway, at Newark Airport in my Just Flight 2005's Continental 777, I expected ATC to tell me to go to terminal C (Continental Airlines owns the whole terminal), ATC told me to go to terminal B instead.

I checked the parking codes using AFCAD2 tool and I also checked 2005's flyable 777 aircraft.cfg-its atc parking code, "COA", is the same as all of the gates' parking codes in terminal C in the AFCAD2 tool.

Everything is fine and I should go to terminal C, even if the entire airport is empty. Almost, maybe all of the time, ATC tells me to got to terminal A or B, but not terminal C.

Why does it not work?

What should I do?

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I also thought that I should temporary delete the callsign, "Continental" from the list of call signs in the ATC part of the aircraft selection menu.

How do I delete call signs?

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