altitude concorde.

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does ins exist in this programme or has it to be downloaded from the net.

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Aloha Fireman, If your talking about FS2004, then no, it does not come with the Concord. You will have to D/load it. Wait till you hear from Radar, as he is the "Man" when it comes to finding D/loads. Ric

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Thanks Ric, the best free Concorde is from the site below but they are still working on the panel.
I tried it long ago when it had a panel and it is a beautiful aircraft. You can of course fly it without the panel but where's the fun in that.
I no longer have it or I would put the old panel up for download here.


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Looks a mighty cool plane 🙂

Theres no one else who happens to have the panels still by any chance...?

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