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kane92 Trainee

Does anyone know how to make a normal aircraft that you download into an AI aircraft so in the traffic i see that repaint flying around?


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Cheeks Chief Captain

So what you mean is download a Posky 747 for example and turn it into ai. If thats what you mean it is impossible. You have to download a specific AI aircraft to do the job 😉

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kane92 Trainee

ohhhh ok dam it i was really wanting to do it, i got the world of AI thing but the planes look wierd and that and i was just thinking about making my own type of one.


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Ilan (ilan354) Trainee

It is definitely possible to create you're own AI i just don't know how sorry.

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xXx-DeathKid-xXx Trainee

Ask in the PAI forums Wink

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