Steering problem thats driving me mad

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Can anyone please help. A few aircraft that I have downloaded have a problem that when I try to taxi prior to take off, they turn uncontrolably to the right.

I use a joystick and on all but a few aircraft it works just fine. However on a few aircraft, when I start to taxi, even when the rudder is turned completely to the left, they still move severly to the right. I think I have reset and recalibrated everything I can think of but the problem persistes.

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions Idea

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Welcome to Flyaway JohnPaul1516. 🍻

Because your setup works with some aircraft and not others, it may be a fault with that particular aircraft, give me the file name and location for download and I'll take a look.

Note- With only a joy stick, it's simpler to use Auto Rudder selected. Taxi direction will be controlled by left/right application of stick(Aileron application) not twisting.

On the chance that it's a controller problem, try these steps:
1. Turn off all weather(wind).
2. Set controller(s) assignments to Default and disconnect all controller(s).
3. With auto rudder selection checked, taxi using the keyboard controls.
If it taxis correctly, it's your controller/assignments.

If it still pulls right:
4. Recalibrate and connect only your joy stick. Select Auto rudder. Check that Thrust/Throttle is being applied to both engines with your throttle control for a multi-engine aircraft.
5. Check that one brake is not being inadvertently applied.

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Thanks for the prompt reply.

I will try all the things you mentioned to see if I can solve the problem.

If it still persists after that, I'll take you up on the offer to check out a particular model.

Cheers for now and thanks again

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Welcome to Flyaway! 😀 🍻

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Hi John Paul, I have just been going through the forum and I came across your problem - perhaps by now it's clear.
Just in case it's not try disconnecting and reconnecting the joystick from the USB connector - I am no expert but it happened to me a couple of times in my PMDG and that's how I cleared it . Good Luck 🙄

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