Anyone got "FDC Live Cockpit"

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As some may be aware there is a new product out from Aerosoft, called "FDC Live Cockpit" - Just wondering if anyone has this yet ?

It's a Flight Deck Companion programme that provides a permanent First Officer for our flights - it's not just about the audible 'calls' such as "positive rate of climb", this First Officer will actually do stuff for you - you can get him to operate the flaps for you (triggered by pre-programmed speeds, etc).

Also provides announcements, ambient sounds etc - looks good.

If anyone get's this, pop a posting on letting us know if it's any good.

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can you tell us where we can find it?

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

I don't think it's available on d/load FEM, I think you can only get it as a boxed add-on.... you can get it my mail order (they deliver anywhere in the world) from

Will probably get it next month when the supply of pennies is replenished (ie.. I get PAID!).

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