hospital helipads

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are there any hospital (rooftop) helipads in FSX? if so, can someone tell me where they are? how about FS-9? any there? i don't fly eggbeaters too often, but i thought it might be fun to mess around that way

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Ryan (737FLIER) First Officer

I have never seen any, there may be an add-on somewhere though.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

There is a helipad in New York on the skyscrapers.

This is how to find water runways but you can find helipads (if there are any in the city that you are looking at).


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James (Jake405) Trainee

If you go to New Zealand there is a hospital helipad. You can start at Auckland International airport and take off towards the city. There is a hospital just to the left of the city, near a hill . I only found this one because I remembered it from a mission in one of the S & R missions.

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