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hi folks, im hoping to put a static naval fleet scenery project together shortly with the following:-

1 Carrier
2 Frigates
2 Destroyers
AI JCA F35 Aircraft
AI Hawkeye Aircraft
AI Merlin Aircraft

My plan is to have useable helipads on the smaller the ships along with afcads and also on the aircraft carrier. I am also going to add AI aircraft and flightplans as an installation extra.

This project is in it early stages of development at the moment and it will be some time before I have it out "on the streets" but I will be looking for Beta Testers so please let me know via email if you are interested.

The package will be available at my new website once the site is up and running (shortly).

New Royal Navy Carrier:-

Type 45 Frigate

F35 Joint Combat Aircraft

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My absolute favourite -- the Carrier ❤️


Out of curiosity are these ships AI or bgls?


Wow! I can post here.

OK, the reason I ask, is that I have already written a real time sim that drives AI ships around and upon which you can land a helo. Right now the only ship type is the Arleigh Burke class, but it's just a matter of obtaining the distance from MSFS location of the ship to the helo pad to get the proper coordinates.

Once a helo is within about 3 feet of the center of the pad it is captured by the ship.

I don't have any CV(N)s as AI and I was out searching for one when I stumbled on this site. I would love to do a carrier as well, but I need a ship that can be in the "aircraft" directory of FS and the deck layout coordinates.

It is pretty neat to have the Burke doing 20 knots and land on her. It is so much easier than static landings.

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