Incorrect airport elevations.

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I have not been using FSX for many reasons, the worst of which is my slow equipment. BUT there was a particular annoyance and I wonder if anyone knows of fixes, either made or planned or available.

FSX has an airport a few miles NW of my favorite airport (Ithaca, NY, USA - KITH) that is at the wrong elevation. It should be at about 650-700 feet asl but is at some elevation greater than 1,000 feet. Thus the program has placed it on its own not-so-little mountain that should not exist. It is a scar in otherwise beautiful scenery.

The Ithaca airport is at its correct elevation but the "renegade" airport, which does not appear in FS9, is way off. Interestingly, there is no actual airport in its real world location.

In the little flying I have done with FSX (I'm a dedicated FS9 user) I noticed other "incorrect mountains" in various locations all over the world. I know FS9 has an erroneous "hole" in or near Northeastern Texas so this is nothing new but it seems worse in FSX.

Does anyone know if these probelms have been or are being corrected or if there is an available correction?

Respectfully, Pete

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Am sure there are or will be some addon mesh that should fix these things (although most likely would be payware). To make your own modifications, download FSX KML (freeware). You must also have Google Earth installed to use it. What this does is permit modifying areas of land using Google Earth directly as a reference, including exclude and flatten areas. I haven't come across anything else that works in FSX re: flatten/exclude, however this does the trick very nicely. Supposely it will also allow modifying streams, roads, etc., but I haven't investigated any of that as yet.

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Thank you, Brian!

This sounds like an ideal remedy. I do have Google Earth. I can certainly get the other program. I don't know when I'll have time to try what you've described but I will when I can.

Thanks again. It's people like you who make this one of the best forums anywhere.

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