Missing co-worker mission

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Has anybody found the missing co-worker in fsx accelerated? I have searched the valleys, hill tops and flown grids with no luck.

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I'm having the same problem, hopefully someone out there can help

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man i have flown around for hours trying to find him with no luck at all i wish someone would hel lol 😀

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I had the same problem. I flew up and down the valleys and mountainis. until running out of gas - or into said mountains. Check out this link:

Once I read that I found the co-worker in about 10 minutes.

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HI all
I found the missing pilot after about 30 minutes of looking in the valleys
If you take the large right fork from the river then the small left valley he is at the bottom near some rocks. You should see a flare and a small fire.
fly to the end of the valley and land up the slope
Good luck

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