Reverse Thrusters Framerate Problem

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Hi Everyone 😀

I am having problems when Reverse Thrusters are engaged, my frame rate becomes a slide show at around 1 fps 😞 As soon as I disengage the thrusters the frame rate jumps back to normal.

I have had this problem on the original FSX installation, SP1 and now acceleration. It seems to be worse after the acceleration installation.

I have the same problem with XP and Vista, anyone else having this problem ? Anyone know how to minimize the problem ?

I am running on an Asus P5B Deluxe, C2D E6600, 8800GTX and 2Gb of OCZ PC 6400 memory. X52 Pro and pedals.

I done a clean install of FSX and Acceleration, I have tried different settings, but the frame rate still drops severely when thrusters are applied.

Thanks 😀

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Hmmmm...thats a strange problem. Tell me do you keep the F2 depressed to apply the reversers??? If yes... try configuring one of your joystick buttons to do this job. Sometimes the system might hang or fall slow if you keep some button depressed..... Well I do not know I'm right or wrong...but its worth tryin!!!


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1. Does it happen regardless of the view(cockpit vs external)?
2. Does it happen at other (less densely populated) airports?
3. Does it happen if you turn the sound feature off?
4. Do you have a dedicated sound card or sound from your motherboard?

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Yes I have a key on the joystick mapped to the reverse thrust function. When I press it the frame rate drops immediately and the thrusters kick in. As soon as I release it the frame rate goes back to normal. The same happens when I press F2 on the keyboard.

I have not tried an external view, I'll give it a try.
It happens at any airport, in fact it happens any time I hit the reverse key.
I will give the sound feature off a try.
I use a X-Fi xtreme gamer soundcard.

Thanks for replying. I will keep trying a few things if I find a solution I will let you know. It is getting annoying and I hope to get a solution soon.

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