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I would like to point out another site of interest to us all. fsdestinations.com has some great suggestions of routes.
But it doesn't appear to getting many contributions at the moment, so perhaps we could add some suggestions there, and here of course. of some great routes.
I'll put some on later...including my favourite which is London City.
On that subject - for the first time I got routed on ILS 10 recently. Its not the correct approach, but it was fun flying into the airport via Tower Bridge and Canary Wharf.

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Thanks for the site tip. I tried it, and you're right, it could be more up to date. Maybe if more of us contribute flights, it'll get even more interesting.
I just made the flight from Starr-Browning, Montana to Glacier Park and saw some great winter mountain scenery. The recommended altitude was a bit low (almost hit a mountain peak), but otherwise it was a fine trip. 🙂


Over the years, I offered a number of flights to fsDestinations, most of which were received with very positive reactions. However, as of some time ago, http://www.fsdestinations.com/ does not seem to work.

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I also offered a few flights to the same site. There were a few people who used the site regularly and who made favourable comments if they enjoyed the flights, as did I. I don't suppose anyone kept a record of the flights and directions of those they enjoyed in some kind of archive? The basic idea of fsdestinations was a good one but it needed to be moderated a little better to keep out the stupid flight suggestions.

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