Cessna C208 Caravan Amphibian

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In my versoin of fs2004 this airplane (Cessna C208 Caravan Amphibian) alway steers left, no matter if joystick ist aktivated or deaktivated.
I have the same problem with C208B Grad Caravan.
All other planes fly properly.
Does anyone have the same Problem? A friend of mine has exactly the same problem with his fs2004.
Plz help Smile

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Go into the "Settings" tab from the menu, and select "Realism".

You'll see sliders that say things like "Torque, P-factor and stuff, near the left side. Make sure all of them, except the "Crash Tolerance" one are all the way to the left, or the "easy" setting.

If that dont help, then there's something screwing with your joystick

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And make sure you don't have autopilot engaged while you're still on the ground.


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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

HAHA, yeah...that brings back memories Poke in Eye

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I sometimes have this with the Lear and the Baron.
..and sometimes not. Neutral
I ususally close / restart FS9 and it works....

Had to laugh at the AP thing....my funniest experience was one of the first times I used the autothrottle feature and had it set to 165 on my Final (B737) .....and the stupid thing gave full thrust when I touched down and the autobrakes and spoilers engaged..😀
I totally freaked out (and crashed in a building 😀) and only later realised i forgot all about the stupid thing 😀

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

Hey, I still occasionally forget to switch of Autothrottle now! If I'm doing a Visual Approach (manual) in something big and all of myconcentration is going on managing a nice glideslope down and staying lined up with the Runway, I sometimes forget to Click of the AutoThrottle - I'm slamming my Joystick Throttle back again and again screaming "Why won't this damn thing slow down" - then realise AT is still clicked in !

Numb-Skull ! The throttles in a lot of real jets have AT Disengage buttons on the side of the Throttle handles,so you can switch them out quite late, and retart the throttles... (without having to reach over to the panel).

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