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HELP with..Abacus Carrier Operations.

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I have the Abacus Carrier operations for fs2002 and like to use it in 2004. Is that possible.. i have tryed to manually make it work from the cd but.. naaahhh.. 😕 I can't figure it out. If someone can help me with this please send me an mail to


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Check out the very bottom of the page, it tells you that this product is good for 2002 and 2004, is this the one you have.


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it is not that one.. it is a more modern carrier with modern aircrafts.. it is this one

And on this page it says for 2004 also.. but on my package text it says for fs 2002. Older package probably but still.. it search for fs2002 in registry and on hd. And that can't be found. So i tryed to unzip the cab's and install the stuff manually. But there are things i have no idea where they should be. 😞


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Hi Ahlen,

I can clear this up for you - as you suspected the original version of this add-on (which I intend to get this week) is FS2002 only. In September Abacus re-released an updated FS2002 / FS2004 version.. the reason I know is that my local shop has BOTH versions sitting on the shelf....

So your version may take some persuasion to work in FS2004, unless Abacus have a patch on their internet site that you could download.

Is it any good ? (obviously I know you've only used it in FS2002)..

Thanks, Geeps

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I have searched for an update but have not found any.. If someone finds it i would be more then happy. And no.. i have not used it in 2002. But i was thinking of reeinstalling it for test . I can not get it to work with 2004. I have tryed to move the files around like crazy 😕

The flight deck III that are used in the same package will not run . And the carriers don't wanna be positioned in the scenery. Also i have problems with texture,sound etc with the aircrafts that follows with the package. So maybe i must find myself beaten and put this new bought addon in the garbage or use it with 2002 version.. 😞


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