can you turn on auto brake on a321

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problem with auto brake on a321. can not seem to turn it on. tried using mouse to click on a plus sign but no plus sign will appear. person at
microsoft says they know about the problem but have not made a fix for it . if you have been able to activate the auto brake on your a321 please let me know how you did it.
also am thinking of changing the panel files to the ones on the 737 that has auto brake knob that works not what looks like three rockers buttons to choose from on the a321.
any advise on any of the above will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi well my Autobrake on my A321 is working fine so i don't know whats wrong with your one then.

But to change the panel to the Boeing 737-800 try this,

Go to your A321 folder go into the Panel folder, double click the panel CFG
Delete anything inside it and write:


replace the XXX with the Boeing 737-800 folder name and you will then need to save it and then your done.

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