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hello im sure this topic has been talked to death but i downloaded a marines repaint for fa-18 i followed the directions in the read me file but it says to copy and paste this text:[fltsim.xx]
title=FA-18 Hornet VMFA-232 Red Devils
ui_variation=USMC VMFA-232 Red Devils
ui_typerole=Twin Engine Jet
ui_createdby=Microsoft Corporation
description=The Hornet combines the ruggedness required of carrier-borne aircraft with speed and superior agility, especially at high angles of attack. Its powerful engines, canted vertical stabilizers, horizontal stabilators, large leading- and trailing-edge flaps, and sophisticated flight control system all contribute to a level of performance that makes the Hornet a versatile front-line fighter in several air forces around the world.Repainted by

into the aircraft configuration file and change xx to the next higher number
i couldnt find a place called aircraft config? please help i need this repaint for my military va and no one is online now....thanks oh yeah and what would i change th "xx" too? thanks again

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Chris Morris (morris91) Captain

Have a look at this, this may help you.

I hope it helps.

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okay i followed the instructions and when i try and save the changes it says cannot create the C:\program Files\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Simoblects\Airplanes\FA-18\aircraft.cfg file.

make sure the path and file name is correct. ahhhhhh what do i do?????

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Chris Morris (morris91) Captain

Are you running Windows Vista

If so you need to make it so you have full control to the CFG file witch you can do by following this:

1. Right click the CFG file and click Properties

2. Click the security tab at the top

3. Click the edit button in the middle and make sure every user has full control.

Try again after that and it should work.

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honuala First Officer

yes i figured it out...thanks for your help i just copied the new file to the desktop and dragged it to the right place. im so happy now...anyone know where i can get some marine aircraft freeware?

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Tailhook Chief Captain

honuala wrote:

..anyone know where i can get some marine aircraft freeware?

Yes, all the major file libraries have plenty.


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honuala First Officer

thankyou very much guys

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Chris Morris (morris91) Captain

try thats a good one aswell.

Lots of download's from FS98 to FSX

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