Original Aircraft Files vs repaints

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Where do I find the original and complete aircraft files to fly in FSX?

Why so difficult to install aircraft in FSX?

All I see are 5 billion Repaints.
I assume "repaints" are only textures and such and by themselves, repaints will not work in FSX by themselves. Am I correct? I am building a virtual HANGAR and storing aircraft files but afraid d/l of repaints will not let me fly the aircraft without the original files. Where do I find those?
Former aircraft owner, BD5J, N313HJ, but new to FSX. Thanks.

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We have a huge amount of downloads that are full aircraft in our download section.
All you have to do is use the search for the type you want.
Click on the magnifying class below the words "Log in" (upper right corner here) and the search appears.
Put the name of the aircraft you want and be sure to start it with FSX so you don't get downloads for other Sims.
If it says textures then that's not a full aircraft just a repaint that you can add to the original aircraft.

Installing is quite easy if you follow the instructions step by step.

If you can but payware most of them a "EXE, all you do it click on it and it installs itself.
Always read the "read-me" that comes with all downloads, free or payware.


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