is fs2004 better than fsx?

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i have sucks..its not laggy at all until i touch down during landing...than it has a 5 sec delay..if i fly to bigger airports than it lags

so does fs9 lag at all i have a tough pc one that fsx only lags a little but its annoying are fs9 graphics good?

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It's your computer not the software.


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RadarMan is probably right but as far as I am concerned FS2004 is my choice! 😀

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What's the BEST today will be dated tomorrow.

In one regard FS2004 is definitely better than FSX and will be for some time to come: The availability of add-ons and their functionality.

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I guess the analogy is that FS9 is to FSX what Windows XP is to Windows Vista.

i.e. why fix something that ain't broke?

I've been flight simming since the early 90's and before that I "simmed" (if you can call it that) on a Commodore Amiga. FS9, in my opinion, is the only FS version that is/was not "wanting" for an update. Sure FSX adds some new features but novelties wear off quick in this field and what matters to serious sim pilots is the quality of the realism and authenticity and the options for quality add-on's.

Eventually market forces will push FS9 out of date as we invest in newer, more powerful PC's and when enough add-on's are produced for FSX only.

Otherwise FS9 is the currently the best. Eventually, though, in time we'll be able to do more with FSX, or at least we should be able to if it has been designed for the test of time. FS9 is a hard act to follow.

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I bought FSx first and really got into the whole FS thing. I went out and bought FS2004 also. FSX is eye PC runs it well, god knows how much money went into that puppy. FS2004 burns up on it , plus there is so much more add ons and aircraft.....I spend more time on fs2004.

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