VOR Lessons Glitch?

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paulchris2 Trainee

Hey guys,

I was trying a couple of the VOR lessons and noticed something odd. Once I am cleared for take-off, I raise the throttle to full and it automatically goes back to no throttle a second later. The lessons are in a Cessna and my brakes are off. It only allowed to let me take off once. Anyone seen this?

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faust1200 First Officer

It sounds like you have a device conflicting with your throttle. Do you have a joystick with a throttle wheel or something? If this is the problem you need to go into the control settings and clear the setting for that device.

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paulchris2 Trainee

Hey Faust, I do have a joystick with a throttle wheel and I will take your suggestion. But, why doesn't it happen on any of the other missions or free flights? What I did notice that ATC wants me to acknowledge every message before continuing. If I rush it the throttle won't work. But if I acknowledge the command how they want me to, it's not a problem. Weird eh?

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Duncan (Razgr1z912) First Officer

From my understanding I think the lesson is saying acknowlage first, takeoff second.

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