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Once I have completed all the lessons associated with navigation in FS9 and assuming I understand the lessons fairly well, can I expect to be able to fly from one destination airport to another airport several hundred miles away? I am still trying to master the art of landing the Cessna effectively and smoothly 100% of the time before I move on to the navigation lessons. My goal is to be able to fly just about anywhere from airport to airport without getting lost.

I want to have a very good understanding of ILS, VOR, DME, GPS, etc. by the time I have completed all the lessons in FS9. It sounds like a majority of you on this forum have a pretty good grasp of flying just about anywhere you want to. Did most of you learn it from the tutorials in FS9?

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I learned alot, especially about navagation.

I also learned that I need to keep simming instead of doing it for real. for as you I aspire to land successfully all the time. The reality is I can do it 9 out of 10 times and that makes for a short career. Embarassed


The lessons are useful, and will help you achieve your goal of flying between airports hundreds of miles apart without getting lost. One warning about the lessons: the Instrument Checkride has a bug that drove me nuts (mostly because I assumed it was me screwing up instead of MS!). I finally did some searching and found out about the glitch and how to pass the checkride, so when you get to that point you'll want to do the same. If you want to bookmark a site for later that will help you pass this checkride.


Well, you will learn A LOT about naviagation and believe it or not help you get more precision specially with landing. I strongly recommend completing them, its worth the time(except the Instrument checkride). As for navigating afterwards, you'll have no problem, only diffcult task is ploting your route using VOR's. Kind of a hand full but the flight planner does it. Still if your travelling long distance i recomend using GPS. Faster and easier.

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Yes, if you go through the lessons you will be able to fly just about anywhere and land. I've only gone through the Instrument flying course, and I fly all over the world. I don't fly the big jets, but the Lear Jet will fly just about as fast-- you just need to stop for gas more often. 😂

If you can manage GPS navigation, an ILS landing, and a VFR landing in your favorite aircraft, there's hardly anyplace you can't go.

After you get through enough training to feel confident navigating, you should try a few tours or trips on your own. Flying on your own is a lot more fun than flying the lessons, because you won't have Rod saying "You're too far right. Turn the rudder left." every two minutes. You decide where you want to go, figure out how to get there without turning yourself and your aircraft into a smoldering pile of debris, and GO! 😀


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