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How to set up the VOR and ILS

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Posted: Sun Feb 19, 2006 11:07 pm 

Thew final flight in the Cessna 172 for flight lessons is the Instrument checkflight. This is as far as I have got in the Lessons. When you first start the lesson it asks you to set NAV1 to 116.8. In not certain of how to do this which what I have come to ask. What I do is;

On the radio I set wot I think was the reserve NAV1 to 116.8, clicked switch and then turned on NAV1. You only get 30 seconds to set NAV1 to 116.8, and I'm not sure where I'm going wrong as the needle in NAV1 does move the the relevant side.

Any suggestions or 'An Idiots Guide to Setting the VOR and ILS' would be greatly welcomed.

I can do both the VOR and ILS solo flights and normal lessons as here the radio is already set up, and you just aim in the right direction and follow the needle.

Also when I read in the learning centre which was a little help in understanding the equipment but not really in how to set it, it named something about real-time weather. This I'm assuming youy either download or connect to a website and when you load a created flight you can have the actual weather for that area.

Any suggestions about how to download this and set it up, and do you have to access it every day or not.

Many Thanks
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Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2006 3:20 am 

The NAV radios are the lower two of the bank of four radios. The top two are the COM radios. The radio on the left is NAV1 and the radio on the right is NAV2.

Each radio has an Active and Standby frequency. You enter the required frequency into the standby side and then click on the <-> button to transfer it to the active side.

Back on the instrument panel, the upper VOR corresponds to NAV1 and the lower VOR to NAV2.

To set the required radial to track, turn the OBS knob until the heading is at the top center of the dial. Make sure the NAV/GPS switch is set to NAV and the DME switch is set to NAV 1.

There are two options for downloading the real-world weather. Both require connection to the internet. First you can import the weather and have it remain the same. Second, FS can download the latest weather automatically every 15 minutes, as long as you keep the flight open and maintain your internet link. If you use the 15 minute option I suggest that you set the rate of change to moderate on the slider otherwise you might suddeny get a change of weather as you fly.

When you open a saved flight it will either remember the weather you set or, if the automatic 15 minute update option was active, it will download the latest weather as it opens. In the latter case, make sure your internet connection is open before you open the flight. Expect a slightly longer time to load the flight as the weather is downloaded.

The set up for real-world weather is under the menu option World / Weather. The weather download is for the whole world not just your area. To see that, open a flight, download the real-world weather then jump from airport to airport using the ‘Go To Airport’ option. You’ll see the current weather for each location you go to.
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Chief Captain
Chief Captain

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Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2006 4:06 am 

Here's a ILS guide I created many a year ago.

there's also one as a sticky a few posts above.


1. When ATC says something liek "WifeBeater 767, you are 32 Miles away. Turn right heading 105, descend and mantain 2,500 feet, cleared ILS runway 36R Approach". You have to click on your MAP icon in your cockipt. Then, move your mouse over the destination airport. Mind you, the airport MUST have the ILS feathers (thes are the green things that point to the runway). Double click on the airport. A list will show up. Scroll down the list untill you see a chart that shows Runway numbers. FInd 36R, or whatever your runway is. You look to the right and see a radio frequency. We'll use 100.100 because its easy to remember. Don't forget the frequency.

2. Open up your Radio Stack, and enter in 100.100 in the NAV1 Radio, usually the righmost radio number is the one that can be messed with. After you enter it 100.100, using the mouse wheel or clickin it. Press the button that looks like thsi somewhat, its in the middle of the 2 radio displays <-----> That changes the NAV1 Radio frequency from whatever it was, to what it is now (100.100)

3.Turn on the NAV1 Radio by clicking the switch at the bottom of the radio stack, unless its already on, like with the LearJet.

4. If you have Autopilot, and you are using GPS to follow waypoints, switch the NAV/GPS button back to NAV!!!! YOU CANT FORGET TO DO THAT!!! YOU'LL BURN AND DIE IF YOU DONT!!

5. Follow ATC directions to approach. Now, when you approach the Runway, you will see the pink arrows near your attitude indicator move...usually Heading first, then Altitude. Simply fly in the directon and atitude of the pink arrows intull they center themselves, that means you're on the glideslope!

6. If you wanna use the autopilot to fly the approach, simply follow steps 1-4, then click the APPR button on the autopilot panel.
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