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Hello Everybody!

I have a few questions about ultimate traffic.
1. I had ultimate traffic on my pc. I was flying to Moscow and soon as I arrived I noticed there's no planes on the airport. 😞 But when I fly to anywhere else there are aircrafts on the airports. Why is that?
I've uninstalled UT from my pc and I've tried to put it back. But there's a problem. That's my second question! 🙂

2. Why isn't UT running under windows vista? 🙄

Thx a lot for any answers! Happy flying my dear fellow pilots! Smile

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i have no idea... my guess would be Russian pilots on strike?

I'm no help aren't I.

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The other way to check would be to make sure that you have the russia>airlines selected when you compile the traffic.bgl file.

Also, update Ultimate traffic and try to update the AFCAD files to see if that helps. I assume Moscow already has an AFCAD file but it's worth trying just in case.

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Renesis is right. Make sure that you have selected Europe and Asia when compiling traffic and make sure that you have also checked to compile aircraft that do not have a livery assigned to them. Also, try to get an opinion from the Ultimate Traffic's forum. Good luck! 😀

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Belgeode was right too - that was indeed no help Ha Ha

Just a little addition re. the afcad files; if you didnt know so yet, use AFCAD 2.21 by Lee Swordy to open up and/or search for the afcad file for the specific airport.

If UT installs new afcad files in an addon-scenery folder or something, you'll have to search for the right file to open manually by going through the folders created by UT.

If UT updates existing files, it'll be as simple as opening AFCAD2.21, goto file -> open and browse to the airport you're looking for in the list that appears on the left. you'll see soon enough whether or not the afcad file has parking spaces and taxiways required for AI operation.

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and if that nots helps download ttools
search it on Google
and then type ttools the first page that google searchs is the right one
ttools is a program that allows you to make flightplans for the ai traffic
one's you download ttools
open up the map in winrar or something.
dont use airports...... but the other one.
then you see in the program on the right Ultimate traffic.
click on that so you select it then you can click on compline or something then it searches the flightplans then you see somethings on the left side of the program and then you click on the bottem that appears.
then it will make the flightplans!
you must have administration rights to do this

oh and i search the site for you:

ttools stands for traffic tools so thats the name the site will show ya
hope this works a bit 😀

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