Whats better. traffic 2005 or Ultimate Traffic?

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I have seen many of you use Ultimate Traffic. I have got traffic 2005. I take it that on both you can fly all planes and drive a follow me car and are built by the same company. But what one is better? E.g. Dose Ultimate Trafic aircrafts have custom pannels and are the aircraft top quility (no jaggered edges unlike traffic 2005) Can you see the flaps move on Ultimate traffic? Which one offers the most REAL LIFE Situation traffic?

Overall what one is better and what one is the most real?

Many thanks

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I have tried both traffis and UT and have stuck with UT. you are not able to fly any of the aircraft in UT. I have read on here in the past where some users say that UT is very damanding on system memory, my pc is built as a hight spec system and have notice any bad frame rate on mine. traffic 2005 is not as demanding but they both will bring life to a quiet airport. but if you want to bring some fantastic sound to your AI traffic at your busy airport, try FSHotSFX (FSHotSeat.com). I gave been using this for about 2 years and will not have FS9 installed with out it.

Users out there wil have their own reasons for choosing UT or Traffic 2005, so when others users put their views on either products you can decide what will work for you.

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Dan Young (dannyboy2005) First Officer

ooo. thanks mate

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