Mike Stone 747SP problem

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William A. Jones (waj2306) First Officer

In the past, I have downloaded Mike Stones great 747SP and have had this same problem. The download goes off without a hitch. The installation is simple and the AC looks wondrful on th tarmac. After roolout and I am airborne for approximately two minutes, any manuvering causes the AC to jerk port to starboard violently until the turn or altitude chaange is completed. It starts again win another manuver is attempted. Because I aore this AC so much, I have finally broken down aand started researching the cause/fix. Any help would be a God-Send!

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William A. Jones (waj2306) First Officer

PLease excuse the misspellings and such! Had surgery on my neck recently (too many years jumping out of airplanes) and the pain killers work in mysterious ways! LOL

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Colin Reece (Col7777) First Officer

You could try using a different air file remembering to change it in the aircraft.cfg sim=(new air file name.)

If that doesn't work try using a diferent fde remebering to save the contact points, lights and in some cases the weight sections from the original aircraf.cfg and replace them in the new cfg file.

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William A. Jones (waj2306) First Officer

That did the trick! Thanks Col7777....I had downloaded a repaint of the 747SP that had a reworked FDE. I replaced the FDE and .cfg with the ORIGINAL Mike Stone items, and it flys like a champ.

NOTE TO SELF: Check ALL repaint full packages for reworked FDE/CFG!

Thanks Again

CSM W.A. Jones

MURPHY'S LAW #6: If it ain't broke...Break it and order the New and improved one!

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Colin Reece (Col7777) First Officer

Glad it worked Whisky Alpha, most repaints only come with just the [fltsim] section and not the full aircraft.cfg unless the readme tells you it is supposed to be an upgrade etc.
I've had aircraft that didn't show because of different entries, sometimes it's easy to spot others can be a pain and even ended up being deleted.


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William A. Jones (waj2306) First Officer

Roger that 6.....It is fasinating how much work goes into just an AFCD that someoneelse made. I'm working on a KJFK right now. The texures are great....however, cleaning up the taxiways, Aprons, ect. is a pain. But I cannot use something that is a bit out of skelter! 25 years in made a stickler out of me.

Thanks Again!

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Drew B (belgeode) Chief Captain

Soooo... it's a good JFK AFCAD you want eh?

Download this...


from AVsim... You can thank me later.

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