First time FSX player with scenary issues

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Hi all,

Great forum you have. I've been a lurker around here for while.

I've recently purchased FSX Deluxe and installed it. But when I run the game I only have the South America available. I don't have the option to fly from London Heathrow or JFK or anywhere outside of S.America.

The game says I only have 36 countries available. I'm sure I installed the full package, I don't remember there being an option to select which sceneries to install.

Is this a common problem? Can anyone help?

Thank you very much.

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quick test: hit alt button to get a header during the game, select world, go to airport, and go to the place of your choice.
If that doesn't work, since you have freshly loaded the game, i would recomend reinstalling the game, just to make sure somthing didn't happen during the instalation process.

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