A new PC targetted for FX?

In just CPU terms, can Intel QX9.... quad core extreme series handle FSX smoothly?
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Hello Everybody,

I am new to this site. And I am glad to see lots of people discussing about FSX to asist each other.

I am considering an investment into building a PC targetted for FSX. After reading all the relevant posts here, I came to the following conclusion:

1) There is no such config. which could run FSX with all the ultra settings and still expect 20+ frame rate.
2) All new offerings from Intel (or for that matter AMD) are targetted towards dual or quad cores while keeping the core CPU clock without any much improvement. FSX will really benefit if a faster CPU core is available. At max, I have seen 3.27 GHz core CPU clock offering.
3) Can FSX use dual core at the optimum level? I have seen some posts which say something about tricking the FSX process in using two cores. But does FSX really meant for taking advantage of dual core?
4) The SP2 version of FSX claims to have capabilities to take advantage of dual cores. How far is this true?
5) Should I wait for the investment for a faster processor, or buy anyways because core processor speed is not going to improve anyways.
6) Do you see a complete revamp of FSX by Microsoft targetted to take advantage of multiple cores?

Any replies are much appreciated.


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FSX utilizes 4 cores if you have them. An intel qx9650 can be comfortably clocked up to 4.0 ghz if you have liquid cooling. You could probaby get it to about 3.6 on air. And 3.6 on this cpu is not the same as 3.6 on say a qx6600 - you get a lot more on these cpu's....its not ALL about the clock speed.

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Can somebody answer all my questions?

Thanks - On_Board

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I don't know the answers to your questions but the links below should help you choose/decide.

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