real environment extreme?

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jetman35 First Officer

Does anybody know when Real Environment Extreme will be available?


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check there and check fsx screenshots. He says he has posted it but I got chewed out for asking about it cause I couldnt find out the release date so dont do what I did.

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Luke (warlord40) First Officer

Tim told me this

Warlord.. release slated for 1st quarter.
Tim Fuchs
Real Environment Xtreme (REX)

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Llain First Officer

I really hope it is released in the 1st quarter as i am looking forward to this addon

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timest Trainee


Sorry you got 'chewed' out 😞 but I don't believe I would have done that. But as warlord40 stated, we are shooting for a Q1 release. Everything is going well, and beta will start REAL soon.

Thanks again for your patience AND support. 🙂


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jetman35 First Officer


Just curious, will these new cloud textures display building storms with cloud tops up to 55k? Or display rain falling in the distance? Also, in more detail sometimes you see anvil type thunderheads displaying upper air wind current direction.

I know these are detail extremes but to mimmick the clouds that do this would be awesome!


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timest Trainee

Hi Jetman 🙂

If you go to the link below, you can see some of the progress... WIP, but nonetheless it gives you the idea:

There are plenty of pages in that post to flip through to give you a more complete picture of what we're striving for.

Tim 🙂

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