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Well, I just came back from the clipsal 500. Its a motorsport festival. Its fantastic, and to make it even better, THERE WERE 4 F/A-18 HORNETS PERFORMING!!! I saw them and they were awesome. I have 3 short video's taken of them but my computer is being stupid and won't let me play WAV/MPEG/MPG files for some reason. I am also goign tomorrow with some more friends to watch the Hornets fly again, but even better... they are gonna be performing longer and they will do a salute just before the national anthem is sung.

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"The Australian Defence Force always puts on a great show at the Clipsal 500 Adelaide. Celebrating ten years of the event, they plan to make it even more spectacular and will be selecting from aircraft like the F/A-18 Hornets and the P-3C Orions, to name but a few. On the ground there will also be a big presence that could include ‘heavy metal’ like the Abrams Main Battle Tank plus other great displays."

Looks like fun, wish I could go but I'm way too far away.😛 Have a great time.

PS While you're enjoying the race and air demonstration in the warm sunshine, we in the US have snow and sub-freezing temps. Help!

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Oh man! Lol thats doesn't sound good. But one thing I am begging for is rain and snow. I haven't had that in ages. Even though i know it won't rain in south autralia.

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