CFS2 aircraft in CFS3

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hi all,
is there any way to get the cfs2 aircraft in cfs3 ?
i would like to try some of the pacific theater airplanes.

how does cfs2 compare to cfs3 ?

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"Because of all of the changes to CFS3, aircraft not made expressly for CFS3 will not be completely compatible. Users will be able to use gMax to create aircraft from scratch or to modify existing FS2002 aircraft to be fully compatible with CFS3."

GMAX is a "tool" to design aircraft, not a simple one either.

CFS2 is more stable and proved to be easier to run than cfs3.


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I seem to remember that CFS3 uses a completely different aircraft code so CFS2, CFS aircraft won't go into CFS3.

CF2 is set in the Pacific Theater, you can complete carrier landings. I like it and it has less bugs than CF3.

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