pmdg 747 airspeed setting help please

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I can change the altitude baro to read the correct alt but how do I do this with air speed indicator whenever I have the auto pilot set it read 10 knots less then it is and that lead me to be flying at 102% rpm threwout the flight.

Please help

Cheers 😕

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I wasnt aware that you could!! Over 10,000 cant you just set the auto-throttle to Mach rather than Indicated Air Speed (IAS).

I thought that whats supposed to happen.

Maybe I have hold of the wrong end of the stick though... or perhaps even the wrong stick altogether.

But hope it helps. lol.

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Are you looking at KIAS (knots indicated air speed) or True airspeed? THere is a difference in the two. It is possible for your true airspeed to be faster or slower than your indicated depending on factors like headwind or tailwind.

At FL260 you should change to Mach numbers.

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