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I'm not sure if there's a thread I missed on FSX Missions but I thought I would start one to get a chat going with others. I have the Acceleration pack and have succeeded through all the Beginners levels, most of the intermediates, most of the advanced and a few of the expert levels.

However, a few are giving me a heck of a time and I wondered if the same were true for others or if you had any suggestions for the following:

The Vomit Comet.

I just can't keep 0 gravity sustained for more than 7 or 8 seconds, and they want you to do 5 of the parabolics with each sustaining 0 gravity for 20 seconds! Any tips/technique suggestions?

Loopy Larry

I cannot land that dang plane on that moving school bus to save my life. Why this is in the intermediate level I have no idea. It should be expert level if you ask me. Actually there seem to be a few missions that are in the wrong category.

Missing Coworker

Man, I have spent I don't know how long looking for that guy stranded in the Cascade mountains. It feels like I've been flying down every valley and peak.

There are some others that are pretty difficult but these ones especially are causing me to scratch my head. Anyone else?

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I totally had a big long response typed out while I was flying from nassau to atlanta, but managed to lose it somewhere in the landing! Mad

Vomit comet--

I love this mission!! The high performance climbout is great... Have to wonder if you could pull that with a real 73...

To do this one I like to move the G-meter next to your displays so it's easier to monitor both of them. The trick here is not to overcorrect!! Smooth control inputs will help you stay within the range; G's are a measure of acceleration... Quick changes in your control inputs mean quick changes in your G meter.

When you start the parabola (I.E. after you're setup at the altitude and airspeed he gives you, can't remember exactly what they are), advance to full throttle and get the nose all the way up to 75 deg somewhat quickly. (Quickly, not violently!!) This way you'll have as much airspeed as possible when you begin to nose over, which helps to extend your zero g time. Once you hit 75 nose up, slowly push the stick forward until you're sitting right on (or a little below) zero g. Maintain it with smooth control inputs.

As your nose falls through the horizon, slowly reduce throttle to idle. Notice that reducing power gives you lower G's? Be ready for it and account for it! That's also why you bring the gas back slowly. The Idea is to avoid stalling while your nose is up, and overspeeding while it's down. The speedbrakes make too much of a jump to use during the parabola... I'd only advise using them after you're done in order to avoid overspeeding.

Loopy Larry--

Another amusing one... The only thing that really makes it easier is to put in some flight time. The more instinctual control of the aircraft is, the easier it will be. Trick here is not to overcorrect! (Noticing a pattern?) Get set up for the approach and then save your game so you don't have to fly that part over and over again. Pick a view that you are comfortable flying from, and that you can easily see the bus and your gear from. You may want to open up a second view (right bracket) to see everything.

Make sure you're moving at the same speed as the bus, and touch down softly!! It's not too difficult to touch the top of the bus with your wheels, it's pretty friggin hard to come to a stop there! Also, when you touch down you've gotta fight the instinctual urge to bring the throttle back to idle... this will make you fall off the back of the bus! Bring the gas back a little, make sure your brakes are engaged and all 3 wheels are touching the bus, and reduce throttle as the bus slows down.

Missing coworker--

Haven't flown this one myself, but by reading the mission briefing I'd say make sure you're not flying too high or fast. Things shrink surprisingly quickly as you gain altitude, and they may pass you by before you can pick them out if you're moving too quickly. Not sure if this will help or not, but if you have too much trouble maybe try turning off autogen (trees and buildings, under the scenery tab in your display settings) so they'll stick out.

Good luck and happy flying! 🙂

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Wow! Terrific advice, thank you!

I just ordered a video card upgrade so I will be anxious to try these techniques...


All you need to do is fly to the airfield at STEHEKIN, when over the field turm to a heading of 210 degrees and fly until you are at 10 NMiles from STEHEKIN. You will find the plane in the snow (no trees at end of valley) with smoke rising from a camp fire made bythe missing worker. If your searched the wrong valley then search another nearby untill you spot the plane. This took me 20 minutes from take off to locate the plane.

Use you snow skis to land, and apply power to keep from sliding down hill after landing if needed. Taxi to the downed plane, pick up the worker, and taxi back up the hill to turn for take off. Take off and fly to CHELAN.

Hope this helps YOU, YOU, and of course YOU too!

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Not sure who you are, but you've been bumping a lot of old threads. It lists the post date at the top-- you're answering a queston that was asked 3 years ago.

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Traches wrote:

Not sure who you are, but you've been bumping a lot of old threads. It lists the post date at the top-- you're answering a queston that was asked 3 years ago.

Yet I still find it useful! 🙂

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