Determining when to press ILS button and the LOC button...

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Question regarding doing an ILS landing with the Airbus320 and what to look for...

I know that I press the ILS button on the FCU before I press the LOC button. But I dont know what indicators I should look for to determine *when* to press that ILS button and when to press the LOC buttons. Maybe you could help. Is there something on the PFD, ND to look for? Or something from the ATC?

- Kareem

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Hi Kareem: I'm not sure if I have your question right but when you're shooting an ILS approach and you have submitted a flight plan then ATC will give you approach vectors to intercept the glide slope. It will be a heading and altitude. When you nail that you press APP (Approach) button on you autopilot and just go hands-off. As you cross the Localizer heading the aircraft will automatically allign with the runway you have the Nav 1 radio frequency dialed in for. Without a flight plan and ATC instruction you might want to light up the visual glide slope. (click on Alt, Aircraft then visible glide path) Then at least you can see where you have to go. Now you have to figure out how to get that sucker to slow down before the end of the runway even with full flaps, slats, reverse thrust and brakes. E-mail me if you think I can help

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