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what if ILS is not there?

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Hi Pilots:

Till Now I 've been using ILS to land with APP button, this goes successfully. However I was wondering if an Airport does not have ILS then I wont be able to land with APP button then is there anyway to capture and centerline the heavy boiengs?

Thanks in advance

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You can capture the GPS course which most of the time coincides with the extended center line of the runway. You don't have vertical guidance with the GPS. This would be a GPS approach.

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Thanks for replying pal! But could tell me more about GPS approach since I am hearing it everywhere on the site but can get hardly. Few questions:

1. How do you fly a GPS Approach?
2. And if you press APP button then can it fly as same as the ILS.

Do reply back.

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All airports save the smaller ones have published procedures for approach and landing. Airports without ILS systems use VOR approaches and NDB approaches, while also providing information about visual of course. Before using the GPS approach (which I'm not sure how many airports have actual procedures for), try reading up on the VOR and NDB approaches. They are fun and challenging.

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From within Flight Simulator, go to the learning center. Under GPS you will find much information about the GPS. It takes some study but it useful when you want to navigate and other means are not possible. Take a look at this previous post. Smile

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The approach mode of the autopilot should still work with a VOR approach. You just have to manually control the desent by arming the new altitude after each step down fix. You can then use the vertical speed wheel to desend to the next altitude. Some time prior to the MAP, you will have to disengage the autopilot and land manually the last few hundred feet.

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