CLS 767 Autopilot Problems

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I got the CLS 767 and I could never capture the localizer! I pressed the LOC button and made sure the NAV/GPS Switch was set to NAV. I also checked that the course heading and NAV Frequencies where correct. So it kept turning in the opposite direction of the localizer and then I checked on cockpit tooltips and hovered my mouse over the LOC button, and it said it was the backcourse switch! So I then tried using the APP button. It intercepted the localizer but it doesn't intercept the G/S! I hope you understand this as I am in a hurry, thank you for your time.

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Additional Details: I am BELOW the G/S when I commence the approach and when I have intercepted the localizer. I CAN conduct succesful ILS approaches in the PMDG 737NGX, Wilco 737-300/400/500, Wilco A318/19/20/21, Just Flight 757-200, and other realistic airliners.

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