Helo Hover Missions?

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I'm a big fan of the FSX missions. Most especially the helo tasks. Gives my flying experience a little more "purpose?" and a goal to achieve. Flying a rotorcraft can be a tough task, but a very enjoyable and rewarding part of this hobby.

I've done all the helo missions--up through Advanced-- successfully EXCEPT the hover and snatch jobs (Keys Kayakers, Sugarloaf Repair, Payload Recovery, et al). Oil rigs, rooftop landings, yacht landings-- no problem. I've got the Acceration Pack and a very nice TrackIR for views, so there is some realistic form of reference out the PIC's side bottom window. What I cannot seem to work out with the Westland is where the hook is dangling in reference to the target load and get it to engage.

When the hoist line is below the aircraft, there is no real reference to, well, refer to. Ground objects normally help with the hover attitude, but I don't have the requisite crewman standing in the door reporting "Back two. Left one. Up 10 feet. Forward three." And so forth.

Just wondering if any successful rotor heads out there have some gouge.

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I can barely fly a helicopter! A lot of us here can't answer. Maybe... A helo lover? 😂

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There is a panel available at either avsim or flight sim.com Just type in eh101 panel and that has an auto hover function when flying at a really slow speed like 10 knt's

hope that helps 🙂

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Thanks, but I tried the gauge found on FlightSim.com and it was virtually useless. Too small, and only works in 2D mode with no concurrent reference to the outside.

I am really puzzled that MS has included all these advanced hover missions in FSX and I haven't seen any other threads to address the issue of "where's my sling now?" I have tried all possible external and internal views with no success. The few times I have snagged the load, it felt more like sheer luck than real skill. I just hovered around the area, tried to hang on for a few seconds in various places that "felt" right, and got lucky enough to hook the load.

The HoverControl site is mostly geared toward FS9, but I think I'll start a thread over there.

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Try avsim I got i from one of those two sites and when I switch to the 2-d panel there is a little auto hover gauge

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