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I'm looking to push the FS9 scenery as far as it can go in terms of terrain mesh and texture and sky textures.

After reading this: http://www.avsim.com/pages/0106/3scene/3scene.htm I can see that I don't have a program to improve the mesh (the 3d element?) of the terrain as i only have the following:

Flight Environment
Ground Environment Pro
Ultimate Terrain

My questions:

1. So, given the above, what program would best compliment these? FS Genesis or FS Global 2008 or something else

2. Would they all run happily together or am I duplicating things here? For example, i'm thinking that if I installed, say, FS Genesis, over which went Ultimate terrain then there wouldn't be a need for ground environment pro - or would there?

3. What would be your order of installation and scnerey priority within fs9?

4. What are your add-on recommendations for the best FS9 Scenery experience?

Thanks guys.

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FsGenesis is much better than FsGlobal and If you want Genesis go get it now! They got FSX and Fs2004 bundles on! Fs9 was $124, I got it for $29!

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Thanks for that.

I notice from a similar thread that you have Ultimate terrain, Ground environment Pro and FS Genesis working together. Can I ask you what the order within FS scenery priority should be for this? Also, do you recommend an order of installation?


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    -FS9 Update (9.0-9.1)
    -Terrain (etc Ultimate Terrain USA)
    -Other Addons

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