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I there,

new to fs2002. trying to complete the first checkride, every time i do the steep turn the examiner keeps quiet. She says nothing. I have also tried to land at the airbase....

any ideas?

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dont worry have the same problem! the best thing is to forget the exam checkride i have tried many times to do it and they disqualify you of the slightest things. The check rides dont do anything to advance you in the game they are just there for supposed enjoyment.
Personally the 'select a flights' are more enjoyable i find. Try the Aerial Chaffauer one first as its the easiest and helps you improve your flying skills!!!

alchemist81 Guest

Sounds like something is wrong with your installation of Flight Simulator. I have FS2004 and after completing the steep turn, the instructor tells you which airport to turn to and which runway to land on. Just an aside, the first time I got as far as the landing, I landed on the wrong runway. I did a direct in approach instead of entering the landing pattern on the downwind leg. The instructor didn't fail me. Instead, she simply pointed out my error and said that since the landing was successful, she would pass me. Then, I was warned to be more careful.

Hope this helps,

bobtheflyer Guest

Hi, Maybe it would be worth looking at my reply to 'crazy lady' above as well, but in real life an examiner may just let you get away with doing what you did and not entering on a prescribed pattern. however, if the airfield was under ATC control and not just you following the instructor's wishes and instructions as to how to proceed, I'm sure there would be at least one phone call from the tower to the office where you were enlisted as a student to point out the error! Whatever, a safe landing, so long as no-one else was in any way compromised by your actions, is always a good landing!

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