satelite color photo graphic images way cool

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i currently have satelite color photo graphic images for all the major cities of New Zealand (dont ask how i got em) , i have just purchased FS2004 so quite a newbie at everything, the photo's of them are all in .ecw format and curious is it possible to port these pictures into FS2004 for New Zealand

it would be cool to basically fly over Nz Scenary that is actually all colour photographs from a satelite ??

so if your a FS2004 fan and know how to do this give me a hand and i could arrange you a copy of the photo's to include in your FS2004 too

any help would be appreciated

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😎 Aloha Monk, Well I think what you are looking for is over at,in the library under scenery design, I believe they have a program that will do exactly what you want. check it out. Ric

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Hi Monk - if you manage to get this going I'd be keen to talk. Take a look at my posting re It would certainly add the right countours to your aerials.


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I've been having a bit of a hunt around - Massey have some great stuff. There is certainly plenty happening here in NZ. Check these out!



Hi there monk.
If you visit the windowlight site as previously suggested you will find reference to a series of CD "magazines" which are available for purchase from them. In the series of articles included are very clear instructions as to how you can use your photos exactly as you have suggested. In fact the CD's also include full versions of several NZ photo-sceneries which show you exactly what is capable with this process. Really does enhance the NZ scenery, especially when used with the geographix mesh.
Incidentally....if you just happen to have an image there of the Tauranga area.......

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😀 I had a look at the first site and they say that their scenery works on fs2002 ..........In the UK we have VFR scenery for fs2002 and it works just aswell in Fs9
Idea Just a thought Idea

I nearly forgot that If you still have fs2002 on your harddrive and have fs9
you can try the scenery out without reinstalling it into fs9
In Fs9 click settings / scenery /add scenery and choose fs2002 from the drop down box(its there just have a prod about) then pick your scenery(saves disc space)
If its no good just delete from Fs9 scenery and you still have it in fs2002
I posted this some time ago on this site so some may have missed it

Good luck

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