Splash screen problem

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art lippel (effieveda) First Officer

I've been having this problem ever since I installed FS9. The first picture is what appears when I start FS9 in "full screen" mode.

Also, the cursor disappears when in the black ("Twilght") zone.

This second picture appears when I start FS9 in "windowed" mode.

I am assuming that I should be seeing the rotating airplane in either mode.

Everthing else seems to be working properly. Does anyone have any ideas as to the cause of such a problem? Also does FS9 have a "fix" facility on one of its' disks as does FSX? Any advice would be sincerly appreciated.

Thanks in advance ... Art

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Drew B (belgeode) Chief Captain

That's a new one on me Art.

But i love that plane.

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art lippel (effieveda) First Officer

Hi bel,
It's one of Milton Shupe's beautiful Aero Commanders. They can be found here...

You will find that there are far more variations than you'll ever need. Just dump the ones you don't want after installation.

By the way, I meant "repair", not "fix", in my original post.


Later Art

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