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Just a little niggle and I can live with it - the initial splash screen for FS2004 displays away to the right of the screen (below) while the program is loading. It does correct itself when program is loaded.
Wonder if there are some progammers who can tell me if there are cfg or ini files within FS9 which determine the position of the initial splash screen

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😀 Try and change your desktop screen resolution,then fire fs9 and it should have repositioned itself,then quit fs9,reset your screen and it should all be ok 😀


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Thanks ttt - tried your tip but only with one change of resolution and made it worse but will go through the range and see what happens.
Thanks again - as I say I can live with it as it is only on for about 6 secs.

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You obviously have changed your splash screen, why not try to change it again.
There are some programs that have rotating (different) screens, they may work better than this one, it may have been defective. Dont Know
I've just left my default one, "IF It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It", my words to live by.

4th down. Changer. ? Individual?


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Should have said - it was happening with the original splash screen too. Embarassed
I have XP so even tried Restore several times with no joy so tried this new splash screen (with others).
I am sure there must be a cfg or ini file which controls this and have looked at the fs9.cfg file in Application Data but no obvious entry. Same applies to the cfg files in main FS9 folder.
As I say - it's only a niggle.
Thanks for the suggestions 🍻 .

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